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Hello guys! Once again I am here with a very new and most awaited article. Yes Here this time I will be discussing about the latest Dragon ball Super Episode 129 ( Episode 129). As in my previous article i have discussed about some of the possibilities about the next Dragon ball Super Episode 129.

Many of you DBS freaks might be knowing that last Sunday Dragon Ball Super Episode did not aired. Many of Dragon Ball Super fans were greatly disappointed. So Guys don’t worry, We are here with the Dragon Ball Super Episode 129.


As discussed in my previous article about the new up coming form of Goku. The Mastered Ultra instinct form. Finally the time has come for Goku to surpass Jiren and match the level of the angels. Goku has been transforming into the ultra instinct form several times (3 times), but this time he managed to take it to a next level (i.e THE MASTERED ULTRA INSTINCT).

Mastered Ultra Instinct:

Dragon ball super episode 129

Okay so guys as per my predictions, Goku does have white hairs in the mastered ultra instinct form. He is emitting a enormous amount of heat in this form. The members of universe 11 has been mentioning the heat factor a several time through out the episode 129. Goku is emitting a bluish white aura with a purple colored flame like forming around his body.

Triggering Ultra Instinct:

Goku and Jiren are going head on with each other. At this time Goku is at its ultra instinct  form ( Not the Mastered one). Jiren’s mind boggling powers again outmatched Goku’s. Goku was being pushed back. Universe 11 was in full confident that this time it is up for universe 7. But the Vageta has backed Goku and said goku has achieved Ultra Instinct form in such a mere small amount of time, so perfecting it will not be a great deal for him. Vageta Shouts at Goku and riminds him about the trust he has been carrying with.

Upon Listening Vageta’s words Goku again Power ups and fights Jiren, But since this was again imperfect Ultra Instinct Form Goku  was again out matched but this was the last time Jiren has outmatched Goku.  Jiren fully power ups and with everything he was holding with attacks Goku but. But This time goku has Achieved it. Goku has achieved the Ultra Instinct final form.


Below is the link to watch the episode – Dragon Ball Super Episode 129.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 129




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