Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes List Complete Guide


As you guys must have already seen in the heading about today’s article. Yes, today we are here with another Filler List. Today I will  be writing on Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes. And also we will be providing the List of Dragon ball Z filler episodes.

Since many of you will be new to this site. So for the sake of respect to all the visitors, I will be describing you about Filler Episode in brief.

Dragon ball z filler episodes

What are Filler Episodes?

Filler Episode are the episodes which are added in the anime series in order to increase the time span. These episodes does not affect the story line and characters of the main anime. Whereas the Cannon Episodes are the Episodes that are directly taken from the manga.

Filler Episodes are there in every anime. Depending upon the size of manga and the popularity of the manga, number of Filler Episodes are included. On an average about 35-40 % of the size of the manga, Filler Episodes are included in the anime.

dragon ball z filler episodes

Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes

As mentioned above that every anime has filler episodes, so Dragon Ball Z is no different. It also has Filler Episodes. Dragon Ball Z is among the oldest anime. It was an anime that ran from 1989 to 1996. In the span of these 6 years, about 291 episodes aired on a regular interval. Out of these 291 episodes only 44 episodes were Filler. Having just 15% of filler Episodes, it fall under the category of low filler percentage anime.


Below are the list of Dragon Ball Z Cannon Episodes and Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes.

Cannon Episodes – 1-to-6

Filler Episode –  7

Cannon Episode – 8

Filler Episodes – 9-to-17

Cannon Episodes – 18-to-19

Filler Episode – 20

Cannon Episodes – 21-to-38

Filler Episodes – 30-to-44

Cannon Episodes – 45-to-99

Filler Episode – 100

Cannon Episode – 101

Filler Episode – 102

Cannon Episodes – 103-to-107

Filler Episodes – 108-to-117

Cannon Episodes – 118-to-123

Filler Episodes – 124-to-125

Cannon Episodes – 126-to-169

Filler Episodes – 170-to-171

Cannon Episodes – 172-to-173

Filler Episode – 174

Cannon Episodes – 175-to-194

Filler Episodes – 195-to-199

Cannon Episodes – 200-to-201

Filler Episodes -202-to-204

Cannon Episodes – 205-to-273

Filler Episode – 274

Cannon Episodes –  275-to-287

Filler Episode – 288

Cannon Episodes – 289-to-291



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