Fairy Tail Filler Episodes List Complete Guide


Fairy Tail Filler List

Okay!! Guys so lets begin with today’s topic of discussion.  As you might have already seen the heading that today I will be talking about Fairy Tail Filler List. So from the very next paragraph I will be discussing about Fairy Tail anime in very brief, so that you all can get to know a little about it.

Fairy Tail Filler List

Brief Summary Of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is an Japanese Manga series that ran from 2006 to 2017. The Manga was written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. The Manga was weekly published in the shonen jump magazine until 2009. In 2009 after getting a good response from the people, The manga was converted into an anime series and it is running till today. The series has released  277 episodes in the span of these 9 years and still many more will be comming.

Plot –

There exist a world in which magic is everything. The land has many mystical things as its daily routine. It is also called as the land of fire. Every one has some or the different kind of magical powers inherited by birth. The people that land use their magical power to perform daily routine jobs like lifting objects, clearing dust etc.

Those people who perform these common works were considered as commoners. Apart from these common people there were the people who had the  job to protect the land of fire. Among them, Fairy Tail stands out from the rest as a place of strength, spirit, and family.

The Main character is Lucy Heartfilia. She is searching for the keys of celestial gate. Her main objective of life was to be a full fledged wizard by joining this famous guild.

Fairy Tail Filler List


What are Filler Episodes and Cannon Episodes?

As you might have noticed that in every post of mine about the filler episodes, I briefly describe about the filler episodes. So following the trend I will be describing the Filler episodes and cannon episodes in very brief,

Filler Episodes are the episodes that are the part of the anime series but not in the manga. These episodes are included in the anime in order to increase the run time. These Filler Episode does not affect the story line of the anime. Even if one skips those episode there is no harm.

Cannon Episodes are the episodes that are directly taken in the anime series from the manga chapters. These contain the main story about what the anime actually is. While watching an anime one should not skip Cannon Episodes.

Fairy Tail Fillers

Fillers are present in every anime series. The fairy tail in a long anime airing 277 episodes till now. Out of these 277 episodes 66 episodes are Fillers. It has moderate Filler percentage with 25% of the episodes being Fillers.


That is enough about the Filler and Cannon episodes. After reading this now you might wonder that how is one gonna get to know which episode is filler and which one is cannon. So don’t worry my friend, this is what we are here for. Below we will be providing with the list of Fairy Tail Filler List along with the Cannon Episode lists.

Fairy Tail Filler List


Guide to watch Fairy Tail-


Cannon Episode – 1-to-8

Filler Episode – 9

Cannon Episode – 10-to-18

Filler Episode – 19-to-20

Cannon Episode – 21-to-48

Filler Episode – 49-to-50

Cannon Episode – 51-to-68

Filler Episode – 69-to-75

Cannon Episode – 76-to-124

Filler Episode – 125-to-150

Cannon Episode – 151-to-201

Filler Episode – 202-to-226

Cannon Episode – 227-to-245

Filler Episode – 246

Cannon Episode – 247-to-255

Filler Episode – 256

Cannon Episode – 257-to-267

Filler Episode – 268

Cannon Episode – 269-to-277.



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