Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episodes Prediction and Spoilers


Okay So guys, it has been a while writing an article over here. So again I am here with a yet another brand new article. Today i will not be writing about any Anime’s Filler or Cannon Episode. Nor I ll be writing about any new Anime’s Download link or mentioning the sites from where you all can download them.

What is today’s HOT topic ??

Upcoming Dragon ball super episode

Today I will be discussing a very hot topic in the anime world. Today I ll be discussing  about Dragon Ball Super’s up coming episodes. As many of you might be knowing that The Legendary Dragon Ball Super is at its ending phase with just 3 episodes remaining.

Brief knowledge about the anime series:

As many of you might be knowing about the Dragon Ball Z. Yes you got that right!! The ultra legendary anime Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super is the descendant of DBZ.  Story of Dragon Ball Super starts from there after Goku( Kakarot) saved the planet earth from the sins of Majin Boo.

It has been quite a few years since the Majin Boo was defeated. Peace was every where around, but suddenly the Kai’s of our universe notices that certain planets are getting erased out of no where. Soon after they figured out that it was The Lord of Destruction who is awake from his 30 years sleep. Kai’s are worried that how many planets will fall under his doom this time.

Lord Beerus Sama ( God Of Destruction)

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers

Beerus is the god of destruction for our universe (i.e Universe 7). It is believed that Beerus is the strongest God of destruction Universe 7 ever had. Beerus had a dream about Super Saiyan God. He finds him to be a worthy opponent to test his skills on. So in order to find that Super Saiyan God, Beerus travels through out the universe and reaches earth.  Beerus and Goku fights one another.

The Final Arc

Dragon ball super did great in the anime world. 128 episodes has been aired and 3 more to go. At present the last arch is being telecast. The last arc is commonly known as A Super Survival Series. Goku and co. competes with the strongest fighters among all the universe. The Universe loosing all their fighters will be erased.

At present only two universe  has made till the last with just few minutes remaining  for the Survival Series to end. Goku ( From Universe 7 ) and Jiren ( from universe 10 ).

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Mastered


Episode 128: ” Prideful Till the End! Vegeta Falls”

Episode 128 aired on 18/02/2018 ( Sunday )

Vegeta went straight head on with jiren unleashing his full Saiyan potential. But the mind boggling power of jiren is just too much to handle even for the super saiyan blue form. Knowing this fact, then also Vegeta tried his best to land a scratch on Jiren. But Vageta was under powered and was dropped out. Vegeta gives his last ounce of energy to goku and put all of his trust on him. Goku achieves Limit breaker Form ( Ultra Instinct ) for the third time.

Dragon Ball Super Upcoming Episodes


Episode 129: ” Breakthrough the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct”

Episode 129 will air on 3/03/18 ( March 3 2018 ) Sunday.

As the title suggests, Mastering Ultra Instinct. It is going to be a full action packed episode. Goku will finally achieve his final form by Mastering The Ultra Instinct. As per the posters released in japan, It seems that goku will have white hairs in his final form.

Dragon Ball Super Mastering ultra instinct

White Hair dye: Super Saiyan White.

On Mastering the Ultra Instinct Form Goku’s Hair will become white. Many of you might have noticed Whis. He has already achieved ultra instinct form, and have white hair. So The white Hair dye theory can be true. Upon Mastering Ultra Instinct Mode Goku will be no longer considered  as a normal Saiyan. Goku’s Body reacts on his own even in imperferfected Ultra Instinct form. So you all can guess what is possible if he masters it.

A very heavy action is packed in the episode 129. So do not forget to watch it. Set remainders, set alarm, ask your mom to remind you. Do every possible thing so that you will not forget to watch that episode.


Dragon Ball Super Mastered Ultra Instinct


Some Guessing about How the Tournament will end:

Since I have seen all the previous dragon ball series and so i ll be making a wild guess about Dragon Ball Super that how it might conclude. Keeping in mind previous series here also Jiren will  beat the hell out of goku and goku will  be left with almost no Kii. Then suddenly he thinks about about everyone who has sacrificed in order to save goku. Goku again goes ultra instinct and combines it with  kio ken and beats jiren. After the fight possibly goku dies because of heavy strain on his body due to Kio Ken and ultra instinct form.

After Receiving the Super Dragon Balls Universe 7 make the wish to revive every universe which has been erased. Again Goku saves everyone and this time it is not just the earth, He saves the whole freaking universes.

This was my prediction let me know what you all think about the end in the comment section below. All the predictions will be added in the article with the respective predictors name mentioned.


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